‘Thanks for Handling This So Well’: Letters of Appreciation for New Canaan Police 

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The following letters of appreciation for New Canaan Police Department officers were made public during the Jan. 16 meeting of the Police Commission, by Chief Leon Krolikowski.


New Canaan Police Department Officer Roberto Lopez. Credit: Michael Dinan

Officer Roberto Lopez

“Wanted to make you aware of the one of the New Canaan Police Department’s ‘awesome’ officers!

“Officer Lopez was incredible this evening.

“We hadn’t an older woman who shoplifted at Mobil and she is always in our store daily. I have never watched her that close because of her age and figured she would know better. Anyhow, tonight was the night and I asked her multiple times if she had the pistachios in her pocket and she continuously said ‘no’ (even though I saw her on camera take them). Anyhow that is when Officer Lopez stepped in and took over and sure enough had the pistachios! I just wanted her to be spoken to and understand not to come back & acknowledge her actions. As a business owner in town every item counts and when we start having shoplifters then we suffer. New Canaan is a small town and we need to keep thieves out of our business establishments! 

“I did let Tucker at the Chamber know too because she visits various locations during the day. 

“We are happy to have Officer Lopez a part of New Canaan!”

—Maria Kean 


Sgt. Louis Gannon and Officers Michael O’Sullivan and Sebastian Obando

“The father of the young man you all helped yesterday contacted me. 

“He expressed his thanks for how professional you all were and how effectively you help his son. 

NCPD Officer Sebsatian Obando. Credit: Michael Dinan

“Thanks for handling this so well.”

—Chief Leon Krolikowski


Officer Roy Adams

“Officer Adams, for several years you have successfully managed the department’s internship program. Working in tandem with several area universities and colleges, you have recruited quality students to intern with our department. These internships have been both beneficial for the students, as well as productive for the department as a whole.

New Canaan Police Department Officer Roy Adams on Elm Street. Credit: Michael Dinan

“Your well designed program allows for the interns to not only learn by observation of our day to day duties, but also have interactive participation in departmental projects. Assigning interns to various offices to help complete tasks allows them to have a better understanding of the administrative responsibilities that the department carries, in addition to observing patrol activities. You also provide them with specialized instruction and training to broaden their scope of knowledge in the law enforcement field.

“My office received nothing but positive reviews regarding the internship program you coordinate, from both the educational and departmental viewpoints. It is clear that your professionalism, organizational skills, great attitude and outgoing personality have served the students very well, and represented this department in a positive light. You are succeeding in bridging the gap between the youth and the law enforcement community, in a time period where it has never been more important. Thank you again for all of your hard work.”

—Capt. Andrew Walsh


Officer Thomas Swindon

“I was always pleased when you answered the phone when I called into the New Canaan Police to let them know the location and timing of when I would be canvasing in New Canaan. I knew that you understood who I was, and I felt a personal connection, although we never met face-to-face.

“You were the officer I spoke to the most—and I looked forward to our brief conversation. Our connection was one of the unique and special aspects to my campaign.

“I hope you have a safe holiday and a warm and healthy New Year.”

—Ross Tartell

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  1. Kudos to our wonderful police !! Lets hear more good things from other town employees…….fire, ambulance,and other good samaritans….so many are silently modest !!!!

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