10 thoughts on “Full Disclosure: The Still Life

  1. Hi Susan–Thank you for putting into words so many of the odd details of our current pandemic existence. You made me laugh from beginning to end!

  2. I am also a toddler looking for that gold star! Thank you for the laughs- so so needed right now.

  3. I love the allusion to the extra in a Handmaid’s Tale. I won’t be able to get that out of my head next time I make my weekly trip to the grocery store! Also those silly accomplishments that seem so monumental – brushing teeth, showering, wearing something other than sweats! I have purposely chosen to let my roots grown out so I can watch the passage of time. Do we think alike because we are sisters or are we all in the same boat?

  4. You are hysterical! It’s so true about the handmaiden mask situation at the grocery store. Not many feel like talking even though we can talk with our masks on. And, I was thrilled with my performance this week having flossed twice. You hit it on the nose, Susan!

  5. Susan – you have perfectly described the suspension of time we all feel, contradicted by the reality that our roots are really growing out, as well as gel nails now covering only half the nail. Wonderful article, so thank you!

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