4 thoughts on “Gulf Station Property Sells for $4.7 Million

  1. That’s an astounding premium over its appraised value and prior selling price. For that $ I’m sure they’re not planning on keeping it as a gas station.

    The company that bought it was just set up in 2019.

    And the name, Kasur, is unusual. It must be an acronym of the owners’ names.

    • The company’s principals are Sohail Mehmood, Leoard Fugaro and Ishfaq Quadir, according to records on file with the Secretary of the State. Their business address is 86 New Canaan Ave. in Norwalk which is a service station (I think a Shell Station, or used to be).

  2. But suppose the lot next to it, cleared of the pesky old 1913 Library, could be merged with it and a high-rise moderate apartment building could cover the entire western half of the block …, someone could make a lot of money.

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