10 thoughts on “‘It’s Time To Move On’: Board of Selectmen Votes 2-1 To Demolish ‘Mead Park Brick Barn’

  1. No mention of possible toxic soil containment under site and surrounding areas in this former industrial area. Cost prevention now in budget and future overrun if needed? Funding from where?
    Mimi Dickerson

  2. I have had mixed feelings about this issue, and want to thank Nick Williams for his thoughtful response. This was not an easy decision to make and i appreciated reading his appraisal of what led him to this vote.

  3. “Time to move on.” In the Age of the Selfie. Forget previous generations. Because it is all about us. We’re so great. And they are so forgotten. We’re a bunch of narcissists. From the White House on down. Those generations which follow in our footsteps. Will loath us. And they will be justified.

  4. While I understand the sadness that some of the preservationists feel, the upside to removing the barn/garage will be a more open expanse across Mead pond and the park.

  5. It is about time! The open space and open view of Mead pond will be so much more attractive than even a renovated non-architecturally relevant garage. It is a garage not a building designed by the Harvard five.

  6. The old barn now stands deserted,
    Down next to the water well,
    Alone in a field of grass and weed,
    By the old sign that says, ’Farewell’.

    Weathered now by many winters,
    Of cold and rain and howling wind,
    By summer suns beating down,
    On a roof of rusting tin.

    The old barn paint is now gone,
    Its’ wood now silver gray,
    And the once filled up hay loft,
    Now smells of rot and decay.

    No more new sweet meadow hay,
    Is stacked up by the bale,
    And no more workers sits beside,
    The old horses with a pail.

    It’s just a home now,
    For some mice that run and play,
    And maybe an ole’ Jack Rabbit,
    Who wanders in one day.

    The old barn now stands empty,
    No shelter to bird or beast,
    No echoes of the old collar bells,
    Coming home to feast.

    As the years slip slowly by,
    And the aging process increases,
    It looks as if a may collapse,
    Into a thousand pieces.

    Some workers came the other day,
    They took the old barn down,
    And hauled it off to “beautify”,
    A grassy spot in town.

    adapted from the poem The Old Barn by Richard Netherland Cook

  7. If this is resolved, I’d now like to make a modest proposal: that NewCanaanite readers (and maybe this becomes an editorial policy) find new descriptive words beyond “eyesore!” The brick barn, the fake stone wall, an architectless McMansion or two — there sure seem to be a lot of sore eyes around here. Let’s find new words, they’d be a fresh sight for sore eyes.

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