6 thoughts on “At Meeting That Turned Testy, Officials Voice Support for Plan To Restore and Rebuild God’s Acre Home 

  1. Let’s hope Terry keeps sticking it to ’em and throwing sand in certain gears! Some people want to run roughshod over our town, its rules, and its beauty. I am grateful to have Terry as a guardian.

  2. Re: ” the Certificate of Appropriateness decision needed to be publicly noticed 15 days prior to the meeting, and residents of the town should have a chance to weigh in on any plans.”

    Even if the COA is publicly noticed in the Thursday, December 13 edition of the paper, the vote for Certificate of Appropriateness cannot take place on December 20th—-it will still fall short of the 15 day public notification.

    Rules must be followed for government transparency…..regardless if a Commissioner, Board member or a resident points this out.

    Thank you for reporting, Mike.

    • Betty,
      This was noticed back in October and is a continuation of the same application. This was all properly noticed. There were multiple public meetings where people from town could, and did, get up to speak on this matter, including Terry Spring. We worked with the HDC subcommittee multiple times to come up with a viable plan that everyone agreed on to move forward with saving the historic portion of this house, and we were commended for our efforts in this latest public meeting. Please take pause and question when you hear statements thrown out about things not done properly – not everyone fully understands the rules even when they sound sure of themselves.

  3. According to the Historic District Regulations and Rules of Procedure (page 7) regarding Certificate of Applications (and written on the application itself).
    Applications must be filed at least 2 weeks (14 days) in advance of a Regular Meeting (not a Special Meeting) in order to allow for timely publication of legal notices.
    “In order to allow for timely publication of legal notices, and to allow for timely distribution of application materials to Commissioners, complete
    applications shall be filed at least two weeks prior to any regular meeting of
    the Commission. ” page 7.
    According to the calendar, the legal notice was to be published by Thursday, November 22. Was it?

    Only 3 members out of 8 attended the 12/11 meeting. Did this number constitute a quorum? Seems as if 5 members would have had to be seated for the meeting to take place, right?

    • It was noticed in October. And 3 commission members make a quorum. It’s not clear why there still seems to be continued opposition from a small group of people who, for some reason, don’t want the rehabilitation of this once abandoned, deteriorating historic home. This Old House is doing a feature on this and it’s a wonderful opportunity for the Historic District, God’s Acre, and to bring positive news the Town of New Canaan. Why is there a still this myopic attitude?

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