VIDEO: Crossing Guard Terry Darden Receives His Gift from the Community

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Uploaded by Michael Dinan on 2015-12-02.

The New Canaan woman who kickstarted a fundraising campaign to help out a beloved crossing guard who needed $3,000 to get his car fixed on Wednesday afternoon delivered news of a grassroots community-wide effort to help him. Terry Darden teared up when he learned (see video above) what had come so far from the Go Fund Me campaign launched by Carolyn Vermeer Ditlevsen, a South School mom who has gotten to know the crossing guard over the past few years and holds him in high esteem, as so many do. By the time he learned about it, the campaign was approaching $8,000, with more than 160 people contributing. “I just thank the Lord I have people that pass me every day, reach out and touch me like I touch other people,” Darden told moments after receiving the gift, standing at his post by the blinking light at South Avenue and Gower Road. “This is absolutely great and I appreciate it.