‘Father’s Day Special’ at NCHS Track Field

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Top L-R: Dan Clarke–daughter Gemma, Paddy Shenoy’s son Rohan, Boyd Harden’s son Chase, Peter Sturn’s son Oliver, Paul DeGaetano’s son Drew, Jack Hellman’s son Stuart Bot L-R: Ed Ho’s son Dylan, Jon Arnold’s son William, Greg Martin’s son Gregory, Rupe Shah’s son Sajan, Alan Zoccolilo’s son Drew, Pete Walker’s son Brooks, Rob Lowe’s son Rogan Not present: Juan Minuesa’s son Javi

I am learning to appreciate Father’s Day more each year, especially as I strive to become a better dad. 

I have to say, there are some great role models here in this amazing town. Men who support, love and encourage their kids. Guys who lead by example and help their children become, as we hear so often these days, “the best version of themselves.” 

But gosh, that’s a real challenge. 

I just read that the Pew Research Center now finds 57% of fathers in the United States find being a dad rewarding all of the time, right there with Moms at 58%. But here’s the rub, 63% of Dads still believe that they spend too little time with their kids, way more than the Moms at 35%. I am no PhD in child psychology and I haven’t written a best-seller (yet?), but I do know that cheering my kids on with some really cool dads on the weekends while watching the boys revel in playing team sports sure goes a long way in the ‘Be a Better Dad and Quality Time’ camp.

NCFC, usually referring to the awesome New Canaan Football Club, now takes on a special one-week rebranding as the “New Canaan Father’s Club.” And for the NCFC Boys Red 2007 team, we have an amazing roster shown below for your viewing pleasure (photo above).

Sometimes the best gifts are the one you don’t have to ask for from those you love the most, something joyfully unexpected from young boys who just want to go out, be kids and have fun. If asked, I bet few of these boys thought of how to please their Dads as they took the field, but man they delivered a great Father’s Day gift with a rousing, high quality, thoroughly entertaining 5-0 victory over Westport.

In a blustery first half, with the NCFC Red Boys playing into the wind, the Home Team opened a 3-0 lead. Chase Harden slid a shot into the far-right corner with the outside of his foot on a well-placed assist from Stuart Hellman. Rogan Rocket Lowe later pulled up on a pass from the great distributor – Gregory Martin – and in true Rocket Style, blasted a shot from outside the 18 against the wind into the far top right corner. Martin followed his splendid passing by blasting a left footed first touch shot outside the 18, on a brilliant one touch pass from Will Arnold in the center midfield. 

And the gift from these boys just kept giving with great soccer throughout the Second Half. From one dynamic duo to another Brooks Walker and Drew DeGaetano controlled the midfield and set up several great exchanges between Dylan Ho and the flowing locks of Thor, aka, Chase Harden. Warming up the hammer with two broadside misses thru the uprights, Harden took a header/pass from Ho inside the box and finally thundered it home opening a 4-0 lead. Rohan Shenoy, Sajan Shah and the Oliver Sturn led a smothering press against Westport, denying them any chance of mounting a comeback. And then came the icing on this tasty chocolaty cake when Brooks Walker skillfully led Martin with a breakaway pass, showcasing Gregory’s beautiful left footed finish into the far-right sided netting. Drew Zoccolilo, who played solidly as the new full-time keeper collected a well-earned clean sheet which included an amazing out stretched arm save from a point blank free header by a Westport.

Great season of soccer for NCFC Boys Red ’07 with most goals scored (27) and fewest allowed (5) in the Division, with a team of super Dads, in a special place where we as Dads can appreciate, love and support our blessed and most treasured gifts, now more than ever, our kids.

Hope you all had a great Father’s Day.

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