12 thoughts on “Committee Seeks To Double ‘Demolition Delay’ Period from 90 to 180 Days

  1. Wow— what message are we sending. This is punitive for the buyer of an older home. Why would the citizens of New Canaan allow this much control on personal property by 5 individuals?

  2. My thought is that it had the potential to punitive for the seller more so than the buyer possibly adversely impacting property values.

  3. I encourage the adoption of the 180-day delay. It will make a developer and home owner think twice before demolishing an historic building, which is the purpose of the delay ordinance. Many of our neighboring towns adopted this extension years ago.
    Thank you Laszlo and the Historic Review Committee for moving forward with this proposal – it’s about time we caught up!

      • Guess because it is a barn, Arnold. To me, it is an eyesore that needs to be removed, just like the old building at Mead Park.

      • The c1880 cow barn, part of the Davenport Dairy Farm. It is behind the nicely preserved administration (main) building at the end of the driveway from Frogtown Rd and visible from Ponus Ridge.

  4. Sounds like the typical government waste of time. We change our phones every 2 years but would love to showcase our dilapidated historical homes in a town that is known for being on the forefront of the modern home. Sounds like an oxymoron. Just let people build what they want within the town rules and leave Ye Olde House to those who want to keep it.

  5. To Ms. Findlay,
    The question becomes the definition of a historically valuable structure which is why the Historic Review Committee should complete the list as charged in the original adoption of the Demolition Delay Ordinance. In my humble opinion; It seems to me that this initiative is moreover driven by the Preservation Allaince than the Historic Review Committee?

    • The 19th century barn built by William Davenport for his farm, long before the the Grace Church in NYC bought the property to build the large existing house for city children to enjoy a stay in the healthy rural country. The big red barn is visible from Ponus Ridge where the school buses park.

    • Not sure where this is coming from Brian, considering that the NCPA and Laszlo Papp have just spent an extended period of time in public disagreement! Something tells me Laszlo is not taking direction from the Preservation Alliance.

      Having said that, as Chief Building Official you are responsible for enforcing the CT State Building Code and any additional ordinances that New Canaan may enact…and that’s for every construction project in town. A little neutrality seems appropriate.

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