REALLY? Trash Everywhere in Woods Where NCHS Meets Waveny


New Canaan’s “Clean Your Mile” trash pickup day is scheduled for two weeks from now—organizers are looking for as many volunteers as possible, click here for more info—and surely one area of focus could be a the wooded stretch just into Waveny from behind New Canaan High School. Trash Litters Swampy Area Where New Canaan High School Grounds Meet Waveny
Running for a good 50 yards parallel to the rear parking lot of the high school (up to about where Dunning Field starts), going a good 20 yards deep from the crest of a hill at the parking lot’s edge and into the swampy area itself, this place is completely littered with cans, bottles, wrappers, papers, clothes and other debris. REALLY? It could be that there’s some wind tunnel taking garbage from both the parking lot, grandstands or even South Avenue on the other side, but no matter. The biggest head-scratcher here may be that this place marks the very point where three treasured town spaces converge: glorious Dunning Field, our prized high school and Waveny, which estimates 95 percent-plus of townies would say is our most prized amenity—a gift from the Laphams that volunteer groups and municipal employees work hard to beautify and protect.

New Canaan Rail Commuters Risk Lives Crossing to Train Station [VIDEO]

via YouTube

In our “REALLY?” feature, we observe those things that people do in New Canaan that make us scratch our heads. Today, we watched three sets of rail commuters—those catching the 7:12, 7:23 and 7:57 a.m. trains to New York City—cross at Elm and Park to catch the train, often entering the roadway despite motor vehicles with the right of way (green lights) bearing down on them. In nearly every case, the daring commuter had several minutes to spare. (Note: In the same span of time we saw several vehicles running red lights dangerously at this intersection, despite the pedestrian traffic.)

Prepare to see some close calls. For the sake of a better seat?