Man Arrested for Threatening Via Text Message

A Norwalk man was arrested Friday night after sending threatening text messages, according to police. New Canaan Police were dispatched to the lobby of headquarters at around 5:45 p.m. on Aug 11, where they took a complaint from the victim. That individual said that the male sent multiple text messages threatening harm and death to the victim and the victim’s family, which were seen by investigating officers, according to the police report. Norwalk Police found the male at his residence and took him into custody at Norwalk Police Department. He was transported to New Canaan Police Department and processed on a charge of second-degree threatening.

New Canaan Residents Report Finding Seven Bats in Bedrooms

Residents reported finding seven bats in the bedrooms of local homes last week, according to officials in the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department. Five of the bats were located and sent to a lab in Rocky Hill, but two could not be found upon the arrival of a professional, according to Officer Allyson Halm, head of the section. Three of the five bats found tested negative for rabies, and results for the remaining two are pending, she said. The families living in the homes where the bats could not be located for euthanization and testing are going through their rabies vaccines, Halm said. “You don’t know how long the bat’s been in the house,” Halm said.

New Canaan Police Pursue Extensive Renovation of Department Headquarters

A proposal to renovate the New Canaan Police Headquarters building may be executed in the near future, officials say. A renovation has been listed on New Canaan’s 5-year capital plan for years—right now a $2 million item is earmarked for fiscal year 2021 (see page 62 here)—but never launched. “We may be close to getting a good plan in place and working toward renovation,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said at the July 25 meeting of the Police Commission, held at the headquarters building. The first and second floors of the building have not received any serious upgrades since 1981, according to the chief. “It is sorely in need of a renovation,” Krolikowski said.

Police: Bridgeport Man Stole $11,000 from Patients at Residential Treatment Facility

A Bridgeport man stole money from two patients at a residential treatment facility this spring and was arrested Tuesday, police said. New Canaan police described what happened with this account, including accusations not proven in court:

Police received complaints about identity theft from patients at the facility on March 28 and April 18. The 29-year-old man, an employee at the facility where both patients were being treated, stole over $11,000. The money was used to buy items on Amazon Marketplace. He used some of the funds opened an account with Southern Connecticut Gas for a home in Bridgeport.

Two Skunks Unintentionally Caught in Traps

Two skunks were caught in animal traps, one of which had to be euthanized, this week. Animal Control Officer Jillian Bosch received a call from Hoyt Funeral Home on Main Street about a skunk stuck in a trap on July 29. The animal appeared to be struggling and suffering upon Bosch’s arrival. She was able to remove the animal from the trap, but the baby skunk was having trouble breathing and had to be euthanized, Officer Allyson Halm said. Halm was called to a similar situation on Southwood Drive on Aug.